Pulling Off a Sophisticated and Chic Pastel Color Palette

For decades, pastel colors got a bad rap for their association with Nurseries, Easter Dresses, and the Good Old 1980's.. Fortunately, they've regained their footing as a go-to palette for the design world. And when it comes to home decor, pastels now rank right up there with metallics for popular choices.

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So when you hear the term "Pastel Color Palette" what comes to mind? I know for some they cringe at the reminder of pastel shades used in decorating from past decades , while others may find them to feel very childlike or Easter esq so to speak. I invite you to embrace this color palette and  find a new love for powder blue and pastel pink.  Not only are these soft subtle tones amazing at giving your home a relaxing serene vibe, they also freshen up a dull space, and they’re not so bold that they’ll look dated in a few years.  If you’re unsure how to use pastels in home design, follow these guidelines and you’ll have your house ready for an Architectural Digest shoot in no time!

Pair Pastel Textiles with Metallics

Pastels compliment metals, like gilded gold accents or highly polished steel. Don't be afraid to add a little drama to your soft and pretty color palette. Go for the gusto!

Pair Pastels with Clean Lines 



Pastels can also be quite sophisticated when paired with clean lines for timeless design.  Who says you can't mix pastel colors with mid century modern furnishings and minimalist design elements to create a fresh and masculine feel.  This is a definitely a departure from the more romantic approach that many of us associate with softer color schemes.  


Mix In Traditional Elements

Traditional design elements are timeless and that is why they have been around for decades upon decades.  Don't fall into trends and if you do...remember that if you pair them with staple and classic design elements your designs will never fall short or go out out of style. 

A soft powdery pink wall frieze makes for an unexpected backdrop for these oversized modern tuffted upholstery pieces in powder blue velvet


Have Fun

At the end of the day remember to have fun.  A pastel color scheme can not only feel luxurious and sophisticated, it can be an opportunity for us to have fun in our homes. Be daring and mix in some fun and unexpected design elements,



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