The Powerful Impact of Combining Black and White In Home Decor


From the runways of Paris, to interiors created by top designers throughout the years, black and white is by far the number one go to combination that you will always see.  Take for example your own closet... if your anything like 95% of the people today I can almost guarantee that the most popular colors of clothing (or lack there of color) hanging amidst your wardrobe are black and white. However; how is it that it is we find comfort in wearing black and white everyday, but often times feel intimidated when it comes to mixing the two in our home decor.  When it comes to decorating in monochrome, it is the style that everybody loves, but one that many are afraid to apply in their own homes. There is an ever-growing myth that black is a dangerous color to use in the home, it is too dark, it will make a room feel small, it creates an unfriendly feel to a room, I have heard them all. The truth is, black and white are like many other colors combinations out there, if done  in moderation, the right amount of  texture, and the proper balance of pattern this color combo can look stunning!!!


Black and white interiors always feel chic and sophisticated. From an entry foyer, to a study this combination is sure to exude luxury and timeless appeal.  Below I have narrowed down what I believe to be the three top design tips to keep in mind when making the decision to utilize this color combo in your home.  I have also included inspirational images for each point and have decided to keep this blog lack luster of verbiage and more black and white!!!

Don't Be Afraid to Go Bold and Dramatic on Your Walls


Mix Graphic Patterns

Keep Everything White and Incorporate Black in the Details


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